Abaton Exceptional Luxury Brands Samples Set


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Abaton Exceptional Luxury Brands Samples Set invites you to discover our beautifully fragrant world and experience European artistic perfumery at its finest with a curated selection of deluxe samples.



Samples Set Abaton Exceptional Luxury Brands

The Luxury Set contains 27 samples and allows you to discover our exclusive brands:

  • The Absolument Parfumeur line, including the iconic Absolument Absinthe and the latest cult-favorite release, Luxury Overdose and Luxury Overdose Pluie D’Osmanthes;
  • The Chinotto Collection, organic fragrances from Italian niche fragrance house Abaton;
  • Acqua di Sardegna, inspired by the island of Sardinia;
  • The luxury collection of Sandalia;
  • Premiere Note, the enchanting French brand.


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