Baruti – Berlin in Winter


30 ML SPRAY 1 Fl – Extrait de Parfum

Berlin in Winter

Berlin im Winter, what can be said about this city that has not been said before. Loved by some, loathed by others, one thing everybody agrees to is Berlin is an experience. And such is the perfume that pays tribute to the city!



Berlin in Winter

Berlin in winter by Baruti pays a tribute to the Berlin city! Is in a unmistakably modern way, it is the rebel who answers to no one, a unique beautiful soul that’s full of surprises, uncompromising but with a gentle heart. If one should need to put a label on it, it would sit somewhere between an old-school fougère, a gourmand and a heavy oriental.

WITH NOTES OF Cassis, Lavender, Mastic oil (Chios), Rose, Iris, Plum, Myrrh, Frankincense, Coffee, Whisky, NOOUD, Amber, Tonka bean, Leather


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