Chinotto Collection & Absolument Parfumeur Samples Set


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Let’s discover Chinotto Collection & Absolument Parfumeur niche fragrances collections thanks to this Set containing 8 samples.



Samples Set Chinotto Collection & Absolument Parfumeur

  • Chinotto Collection, organic fragrances from Italian niche fragrance house Abaton. Over 300 years ago, the Chinotto plant was brought to Savona from China by a Savonese sailor. Centuries of Chinotto cultivation made Savona famous as the “Town of Chinotto”. The Chinotto plant’s flowers are abundant and delicately scented, and the leaves and fruit peel contain oils often used in fine perfumery and  cosmetics.
  • Absolument Parfumeur line, including the iconic Absolument Absinthe and the latest cult-favorite release, Luxury Overdose and Luxury Overdose Pluie D’Osmanthes. Pascal Rolland, founder of Liquoriste de Provence, is the  visionary behind this collection. Always looking for  new outlets of self-expression, he stretched his creative wings and in 2005 produced the first perfume with absinthe, Absolument Absinthe, making him the first liquor-maker  perfumer.


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