Baruti – Tindrer


30 ML SPRAY 1 Fl – Extrait de Parfum


A game of contrasts, like a cold April morning, the dew bathes the lawn, but is soon dissolved by the heat of the
day. During the day, moments of sunshine alternate with strong thunderstorms, and finally a clear sky of stars appears: summer has arrived.




The scent expresses two contrast side friendly mixed together: one green and fresh, contradicted by the galbanum, the other warm and aromatic with notes of wet earth. the spicy purple flower is cold and warm and captures the contrast mentioned before. Finally the notes of moss and ambergris and oak moss give a comfortable and welcoming
feeling. Tindrer in Danish means twinkle the perfume is a game of contrasts. He is happy but sad modern and nostalgic at the same time.

WITH NOTES OF Cut Grass, Verbena, Buchu, Twigs and Leaves, Galbanum, Wet soil, Violet flowers, White musk, Ambergris, Heliotrope, Oakmoss, Fir Balsam Absolute



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