Baruti – Voyance


Onder de Linde

30 ML SPRAY 1 Fl – Extrait de Parfum

A unique fragrance with a smoky side and a strong floral component. As a walk in the mountains the first note that emerges is the moss and sandalwood that release this feeling of fresh, clean, and crystalline.




Voyance by Baruti is unique fragrance with a smoky side and a strong floral component, means clairvoyance in French. The name originates from its color: although the perfume is characterized by a white smoky flower, which should be dense and impenetrable, the fragrance is very clear and transparent as when looking into a crystal sphere. Born from the curiosity and experimentation of Spyros this fragrance combining different notes, the result is a scent with a definite note of moss that seems to have overturned the olfactory pyramid.

WITH NOTES OF Fresh mountain air accord, Tuberose, Guaiac wood, Vetiver, Sandalwood and Musk


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