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  • Eau de Parfum Aura Tonka by Premiere Note

    100 ML SPRAY 3.4 Fl.oz

    Aura Tonka Eau de Parfum by Premiere Note

    The warmth of the Amazon and its sweet notes of Tonka bean, mixed with the delicate almond. Immerse yourself in the colorful heart of Amazonia where Brazilian teak trees majestically dominate. While walking through the pathways, the intense and sweet fragrance of Tonka beans deeply attracts you, diffusing a scent of vanilla and spicy caramel.

    Eau de Parfum Aura Tonka by Premiere Note

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  • Othoca – Sandalia Luxury Collection

    100ML 3.4 Fl.Oz.

    Sandalia Luxury Collection Othoca

    A ramble through ancient ruins surrounded by aromatic shrubs infused with saltiness, this magnificent creation pays homage to the lifeforce of Sardinia: the sea that encircles it. The golden emblem on the bottle depicts the waves of Othoca, a Phoenician town flanked by a flowing lagoon and a large, thriving gulf.

    Othoca – Sandalia Luxury Collection

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