The Garden of Wonders

The white rabbit said “It’s late!”, and Alice chose to follow the rabbit.

In front of her, a long hallway showed up with a tiny door, from which she saw a beautiful garden:

A magic place, where it’s always springtime!

Alice was immediately bewitched by all the flowers of every shape and color.

The sun was shining, little bees were dancing in the air, and butterflies were flying free and light.

In that magic garden everything smells good!

Alice wished to get to the garden, but she was too big to enter the little door.

Suddenly, on a glass table next to her, a tiny box appeared, with a writing on it:

By opening the box, Alice found out that it contained:

A little tiny sirup bottle, with a small chinotto tea bag,

5 candied chinotto fruits covered with chocolate,

a small bottle of perfume and 

a magic key.


Alice then decided to follow the instructions on the tiny box and she drank the syrup and the tea.

So she started becoming smaller and smaller, but when she arrived at the door, she realized that she left the key on the table. 

By eating a delicious candied chinotto covered with chocolate, which she was holding in her hand, Alice became a giant.

Now, she could take the key, but again she couldn’t enter the door. 

She decided to spray a bit of perfume, and smelling that magic and good scent, she finally managed to have the right size, with the key in her hand, to enter the Garden of Wonders..

Buy the magic Tiny Box to discover the Garden of Wonders and the characters who Alice will meet.

In the garden of Wonders, Alice says, “Everything would be absurd: nothing would be as it is, because everything would be as it isn’t, and vice versa!”

Meet friendly, curious and perfumed characters who will lead us to discover the delicious and fragrant news, interesting facts and special events.