Over 300 years ago, the Chinotto plant was brought to Savona from China by a Savonese sailor.The unique climate created by the proximity of  the mountains  to the sea made Savona the perfect environment for the Chinotto plant to thrive, and this charming Italian town became its new home. The bitter citrus of the plant  came to be highly regarded among navigators, who believed it was an amulet that protected them from diseases and danger on the high seas. Centuries of Chinotto cultivation made Savona famous as the “Town of Chinotto”. The Chinotto plant’s flowers are abundant and delicately scented, and the leaves and fruit peel contain oils often used in fine perfumery and  cosmetics. The citrus is quite bitter when freshly picked, but can be transformed into delicious candied delicacies  and drinks when properly  processed. Marco Abaton, a perfumer from Savona, uses the iconic Chinotto to honor his  hometown with the  creation of two fragrances that enhance the olfactory notes of this celebrated fruit. As the Savonese sailor brought  the Chinotto to Italy, Marco Abaton now shares his creations with the world through his unique Chinotto perfumes.


Joyful and energizing, the vibrant citrus notes of the ripe Chinotto mingled with delicate orange blossom lead into a sweet and enveloping heart of vanilla and caramel for a warm and addictive finish.


A fresh citrus opening blended with the crisp leaves  of the green Chinotto fruit melt into a liqueur-infused balsamic heart, while a hint of intoxicating absinthe, aromatic juniper and smoky incense provide a seductive base for this bitter-sweet delight.


Fior di chinotto EDP Parfum

Bright and sparkling citrus top notes of Chinotto fruit capture the invigorating passion of the Ligurian Riviera, as a velvet bouquet of orange flower, damask rose, jasmine and tuberose evolves to an emotional heart of liquid amber, and a perfect tapestry of honey, moss and precious woods create a sensual base for this exquisitely feminine essence.


The essential need is to sanitize the hands, but the virus also settles on the face, hair, objects, therefore, even those who protect themselves with the mask, could still receive virus particles on their face and still be at risk. For this reason, we have studied an innovative formula without alcohol, but effective as sanitizing and rich in high quality moisturizing active ingredients in order to be used on the face, body and hair even for frequent use with perfect comfort and well-being for the skin


Our signature Chinotto dark scent combined with sanitizing ingredients. A home perfume that is effective for perfuming and sanitizing environments, surfaces, fabrics, and everyday objects. Thanks to the combined action of alcohol 80%, Tea Tree Oil, and natural extracts with sanitizing action, it guarantees a perfect sanitizing action, removes the development of germs and bacteria, perfumes, and pleasantly deodorizes.



Various analyses show that Corona-virus can remain present for up to 72 hours on the surfaces, with different dura on of infectious capacity according to the type of material (copper, cardboard, plastic, fabrics, steel). Therefore, continuous hand sanitizing is important, but equally, important is the sanitized one of the objects. It is useless to clean your hands if right after you touch objects like a mobile phone, jacket, or bag that in turn could also be contaminated. This spray could be a very convenient additional protection.



The history of Abaton has its roots in a sense of responsibility, authenticity, respect for time and natural resources.

There are many ways to reduce the impact of a perfume and a cosmetic on the environment, along the entire production chain and they certainly start from the choice of sustainable raw materials, from the processing method, from the materials used, from the packaging, up to to get to the transport and usability of the product.


Created with a mix of oils and vegetable waxes of the highest quality, with sunflower oil, Chinotto extract, castor oil, and our signature chinotto scents. Develop refined ‘Rhus Verniciflua” extract from the red berries of a plant native to Japan that has emollients properties, leaving a pleasant scent and a soft & silky effect on the skin without staining with oil.