La Manufacture Parfums is a fragrance house of character, founded in 2011 by Bruno Truchon Bartes. Bruno Truchon Bartes is a passionate creator with 20+ years of experience in fragrance houses, who always worked with the most beautiful raw materials. He loves the story of an ingredient, its origin, and its terroir: to understand the ingredient to better compose with it. At the same time, he is keenly passionate about places steeped in history; he travels the world, visits castles, manors, and private mansions to fully immerse in them. « I visit numerous historical landmarks, and at each visit, my senses are in alert: some details bring me to a specific scent, a source of inspiration for my creations. »

With La Manufacture Parfums, he successfully managed to combine his two passions: fragrance and historical architecture.


Creations that source their origin in the founder’s
personal history:
Authenticity: the craftsmen’s work; perfumers;
glass blowers…
Naturality: an important percentage of natural raw
Elegance: chic and refined fragrances, to reflect the
French elegance and savoir-vivre
Sincerity: products made in France
Sobriety: luxury within simplicity, from creating
the perfumes to designing the product