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  • Eau de Parfum Orange Calabria by Premiere Note

    100 ML SPRAY 3.4 Fl.oz

    Orange Calabria Eau de Parfum by Premiere Note

    An escape under the Calabrian sun, at the heart of citrus plantations. It is an invitation to a walk in the shade of the orange groves, cooled by the sea breezes of the Mediterranean.  
  • Eau de Parfum Orange Calabria by Premiere Note small size

    50 ML SPRAY 1.69 Fl.oz

    Orange Calabria Eau de Parfum small size by Premiere Note

    Where vines intertwine with bergamot trees, Calabrian Orange sparkles in the heart of the sun-baked plantations. From its joyous and bright reflections, the note exudes a sweet and tangy aroma.
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    Fior di Chinotto Eau de Toilette

    100 ML SPRAY 3.4 Fl.oz

    Eau de Toilette Fior di Chinotto

    Evoking a refined sensuality in perpetual renewal, Fior di Chinotto reflects a joyful, fragrant renaissance… your new day. A creation dedicated to fearless women with the spirit to pursue their dreams and forge new beginnings. Floating between the land and the sea, with each moment they look a little higher, toward the sky. Fior di Chinotto captures the invigorating passion of the Ligurian Riviera and returns it to its primal senses. The citrus Chinotto plant that journeyed from China in the sixteenth century with a Savonese sailor finds its perfect home there… transformed, reborn continuously, offering its tart fruits, aromatic leaves and abundant flowers.
  • Maijda Woman Eau de Parfum

    50 ML 1.69 . Fl.Oz

    Eau de Parfum Maijda Woman

    This fragrance represents the olfactory transposition of a Sardinian woman, beautiful and veiled by a hint of mystery, walking in a bountiful terrestrial paradise, the air saturated with coastal scents.
  • Rosa Damas by Premiere Note

    50 ML SPRAY 3.4 Fl.oz

    Rosa Damas Eau de Parfum by Premiere Note

    At the bottom of an elegant garden, a thousand delicate petals bloom in the shadow of an Arabian-style intricately sculpted wall.