Aesthetic Turbulence Luxury Mind Set




Box containing Perfume and Tea

100ml AESTHETIC TURBULENCE Perfume: A true magical formula inspired by a permanent research of perfection, characterized by the spectacular appeal of Immortelle, Green Tea, Jasmine, Red Pepper, Pimento and Labdanum. Aesthetic Turbulence fragrance is part of the State of Mind legend of seduction, embodying strong character and audacity, fascination and enchantment.

100gr AESTHETIC TURBULENCE Tea in Metal Box: Premium jasmine pearl from Fujian province, made with tender spring- harvested green tea buds, hand- rolled and infused deeply with fresh jasmine flowers harvested at their peak aroma of the afternoon. Jasmine blossoms are layered amongst tea leaves to impact their delicate fragrance. Everlasting and red pepper aroma are giving the inimitable character to the blend. Made as well with a precious partially fermented, Oolong tea.


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