Rose de Paris Eau de Parfum Gustave Eiffel


100 ml  spray 3.4 fl.oz.

Rose de Paris

Gustave Eiffel is well known for the posterity due to the Eifel Tower, built in 1887 – 1889 for the World Exhibition in 1889 in Paris. The Eiffel Tower begun the symbol of Paris and France.

This floral and fruity accord opens with notes of cassis and freesia. The very floral heart of rose and jasmine is soothed by the peach velvety. The scent closes with woody and signed facets of white musk and moss.
Eau de Parfum at 20% of concentration

Parfumeur: Dorothée Piot



Rose de Paris

Rose the Paris the ultimate floral accord

Gustave Eiffel, the French visionary engineer, marked the history thanks to his great architectural achievements. So many important living works, scattered on all continents still stand proof today of the vision and exceptional know-how of the «Iron Magician» for the purity of lines, for the combination of iron with glass and water, and for the strength and lightness of shapes.
Gustave Eiffel fragrances’ bottle takes shape based on the Garabit Viaduct: Female in its curved shape and its crystalline reflections, masculine in its metal structure, the bottle symbolizes the strength and harmony of the united family Gustave Eiffel and the Fragrance is meant to flow under the bridge as the source of life with serenity and vitality.

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