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  • Acqua di Sardegna Man Eau de Parfum

    50 ML 1.69 . Fl.Oz

    Man Eau de Parfum Acqua di Sardegna

    This quietly elegant masculine blend gives the skin the sensation of slipping into a clean white, freshly-laundered shirt that has been put out to dry in the sun.
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    Acqua di Sardegna Woman Eau de Parfum

    50 ML 1.69 . Fl.Oz

    Eau de Parfum Acqua di Sardegna Woman

    Delicately fresh and ethereal, like the Spring air which already by Summer evaporates, this joyful feminine creation opens with the vibrancy of tangy citrus fruits and aromatic mint.
  • Luxury Overdose Pluie D’Osmanthe Eau de Parfum

    100ml 3.4 Fl. oz.

    Eau de Parfum Luxury Overdose Pluie D'Osmanthe

    Pluie d’Osmanthe Luxury Overdose, a unique, fresh and carnal fragrance. This subtle alchemy reveals an enchanting perfume that releases its irresistible sensuality as soon as it will touch your skin to never leave you.  
  • Maijda Woman Eau de Parfum

    50 ML 1.69 . Fl.Oz

    Eau de Parfum Maijda Woman

    This fragrance represents the olfactory transposition of a Sardinian woman, beautiful and veiled by a hint of mystery, walking in a bountiful terrestrial paradise, the air saturated with coastal scents.
  • Miana – Sandalia Luxury Collection

    100ML 3.4 Fl.Oz.

    Sandalia Luxury Collection Miana

    A velvety  yet powerful perfume dedicated to the Monti Miana, majestic mountains located in the mining territory of Sardinia’s “black gold”. The golden geometric talisman on the bottle is inspired by the superlative hand-crafted textiles and cut gemstones that Sardinia’s extraordinary artisans have become known for.
  • Scalo Porto Cervo Man Eau de Parfum

    50 ML 1.69 . Fl.Oz

    Eau de Parfum Scalo Porto Cervo Man

    Scalo Porto Cervo Man expresses a masculine elegance from an era gone by, with delicate nuances that combine the hues of Sardinia’s striking landscape with rare and precious elements.
  • Scalo Porto Cervo Woman Eau de Parfum

    50 ML 1.69 . Fl.Oz

    Eau de Parfum Scalo Porto Cervo Woman

    Intensified by smooth Leather, Patchouli, and Vetiver in the powdery base, this fragrance evokes the feeling of an elegantly-appointed Grand Hotel suite.