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Luxury Overdose Pluie D’Osmanthe Eau de Parfum


100ml 3.4 Fl. oz.

Eau de Parfum Luxury Overdose Pluie D’Osmanthe

Pluie d’Osmanthe Luxury Overdose, a unique, fresh and carnal fragrance. This subtle alchemy reveals an enchanting perfume that releases its irresistible sensuality as soon as it will touch your skin to never leave you.




Pluie D’Osmanthe, the sensual fragrance

The legend says that a young Chinese magician named WU GANG was banished to the moon by the JADE Emperor. He was sentenced to cut an immortal tree: the Osmanthus. It is by hitting it to cut it without ever succeeding that some seeds would have fallen on Earth at the edge of a Chinese lake in the foothills of the Himalayas where they still flourish today.

Symbol of love and romance this tree with sensual flowers and delicious fragrant is part of the family of olive trees. Therefore, it is sometimes called “Olive Tree of China”. The Osmanthus has been cultivated in China for its scents for over 2000 years. This is a small shrub with white flowers and delicious scents. Little known to the public, the Osmanthus is a real treasure for fine perfumery.

The sweet sensuality of the Osmanthus absolute refreshed by the morning dew, the velvet notes of the Davana of India, the intoxicating sweetness of the Jasmine mixed with roses and enhanced by notes of Mirth, the animal power of Amber, Musk and Patchouli, make “Pluie d’Osmanthe” a unique, fresh and carnal fragrance.

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1 review for Luxury Overdose Pluie D’Osmanthe Eau de Parfum

  1. Aida Ferrer

    “The shipping process was very fast so I received in 2 days in perfect conditions. Best of all Abaton Bros. has a tailor made “Red Carpet” customer service. They are lovely persons giving the client an exceptional service. Highly recommended. {Thank you Kora}

    About the fragrance: It’s a stunning fruity floral fragrance. Sweet Osmanthus in a perfect blend with roses, jasmine, bergamot and davana. In the dry down the sandalwood, amber and myrrh takes the lead and gives the warm to a woody floral spectacular finale. Excellent longevity and sillage in this well made luxury perfume. Highly recommended.” May, 16, 2018. Aida Ferrer – San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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