Luxury Overdose Eau de Parfum Spray


100ml 3.4 Fl.

Eau de Parfum Luxury Overdose

Luxury Overdose is a creation by Absolument Parfumeur, a fragrance imbued with mystery and secrecy, combines oriental and powdered top notes, initiating both chic and fresh notes.



Luxury overdose, the exquisite mysterious fragrance

Pascal Rolland, founder of the Liquoristerie de Provence, is the visionary behind the return of Absinthe liquor. He launched Versinthe Absinthe in 1999, ending a century-old ban of absinthe started in France in 1915.

Always looking for new outlets of self-expression, Pascal stretched his creative wings and in 2005 produced the first perfume with absinthe, Absolument Absinthe, making him the first liquor-maker perfumer.

The mission of Absolument Parfumeur is to create exceptional perfumes with a dream: find the sublime fragrance, the one that transcends all the others. His signature is to include a fresh sillage to all type of fragrance, drawing inspiration from an authentic terroir but also from the noblest Absolutes that make up our creations.

Luxury Overdose fragrance bears the DNA of extravagant luxury, combining oriental and powdery top notes for an effect that is both intense and fresh at once.

The sensual, soft touch black bottle crowned with a gilded cap seals the decadent fragrance within. Absinthe, the signature ingredient of the house, is blended with Artemisia, to create an addictive formula that completely seduces the senses.

Say nothing… a silent whisper will unveil the infinite of the absolute. Let yourself be possessed by this exquisite revelation.


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