NYNOW Summer Market Was a Great Success!

Abaton Exceptional Luxury Brands attended NYNOW August 12th-15th

nynow boothThe leading market for home and lifestyle products, inviting guests and buyers into their beautiful world to celebrate their exclusive collections.

The event was a great success, and we are glad to have shared this experience with all the guests and buyers that visited our booth.

Two special events have been organized during the fair to celebrate two special collections: Absolument Parfumeur and the Chinotto Collection.

Thanks to the “Speakeasy experience”, people had the chance to experience “the chilled absinthe taste and Absolument Absinthe fragrance by Absolument Parfumeur”.

Absolument Absinthe is an amazingly evocative scent, which is characterized by an unparallelled cool sensation and the fresh vibrant green notes of Cannabis, Chinese Tea, Galbanum and, of course, Absinth.

Absinthe event nynow Abs event nynow

People also got to know the Chinotto fragrances collection– Chinotto Dark, Chinotto Gourmand, and Fior di Chinotto – through a fabulous sensorial experience enjoying Chinotto infused specialty foods such as liqueurs, cookies, and the very well-known cult favorite soda.

chinotto event nynow chin event nynow

Thank you very much to all the people visiting our booth, attending the events and sharing this wonderful experience with us!


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