Eau de Parfum Java Wood small size by Premiere Note


50 ML SPRAY 1.69 Fl.oz

Java Wood Eau de Parfum small size by Premiere Note

Its tropical character is appealing to lovers of resinous essence, wood and humus. Its fascinating smoky and muted aroma suggests undergrowth. Its deep, sensual, and persistent fragrance seduces.



Spicy fragrance perfume small size bottle

Java Wood Premiere Note fragrance small size is evasive and audacious.

Indonesia. Between the volcanic heat and the rice fields humidity. A bold vetiver with anise and tobacco notes.

Woody Java Wood blooms on the freshness of bergamot, the aromatic notes of star anise and the spicy Szechuan dimension of pepper. Its warm and spiced heart with tobacco and cumin progressed on a green, woody and lightly smoked base, characteristic of the vetiver.

The nose behind this fragrance is Melanie Leroux. Star anise and vetiver work in harmony, to create slightly licorice and spicy effects.

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