Hand Cleansing Sanitizing Gel 8.45oz/250ml


Hand Cleansing Sanitizing Gel 8.45oz/250ml
Various analyses show that Corona-virus can remain present for up to 72 hours on the surfaces, with different dura on of infectious capacity according to the type of material (copper, cardboard, plastic, fabrics, steel). Therefore, continuous hand sanitizing is important, but equally, important is the sanitized one of the objects. It is useless to clean your hands if right after you touch objects like a mobile phone, jacket, or bag that in turn could also be contaminated. This spray could be a very convenient additional protection.


Hand Cleansing Sanitizing Gel
Effective and comfortable hand sanitizer. A safe 70% alcohol-based formula with moisturizing and calming natural extracts such as Aloe, Calendula, Mallow, and Chamomile e, to ensure a rapid sanitization and perfect hydration also for frequent use, with antibacterial action which removes all the odors and leaves a pleasant and delicate citrus-based fragrance scent.

Available both in the travel pack and in-home/office pack. Packaged in eco-friendly plastic bottles.

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