Premiere Note fragrances: first launch at NYNOW

Premiere Note conjures up memories of the very “first time”, powerful events that remain anchored in the mind, that still incite emotions and delights. It is a new olfactory angle on traditional perfumery.

It reinterprets iconic and essential notes of French haute perfumery to create an explosive and authentic experience. Iconic raw materials are selected as per their origins across the world, are harvested at their source and sometimes know or unknown by insider.

Premiere Note Abaton Premiere Note Abaton

Premiere Note fragrances are striking creations that bring together know-how, sincerity and emotion, while evoking places of inspiration and combining tradition and modernity.

The collections have been designed around a single idea: to showcase a key note in each fragrance. The olfactory composition makes it possible to highlight a “Premiere note”, the top note, the one you remember, the one that stays dominant all the way through. The scent of freshly-picked roses, the sensation of burning amber, the aroma of Calabrian orange, the scent of cedar bark at the top of the Atlas Mountains…

The compositions can be worn alone, layered or combined, to create your own fragrance an express your originality.

The three collections express the creativity and passion of the four young perfumers. The love of travels interpreted by floral and woody notes for Mélanie Leroux, Jérôme di Marino and Maia Lernoux share a passion for oriental scents, while Karine Dubreuil demonstrates her know-how for subtle and delicate fruity notes.

Premiere Note Abaton

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