Discover chinotto through a fabulous sensorial experience at ny now show August 14th 4 p.m. Abaton Booth 7946

Abaton Exceptional Luxury Brands invites you to an unbelievable SENSORIAL EXPERIENCE AT NY NOW SHOW August 14th 14 p.m. at Abaton Corporation booth 7946.

The perfumer behind the brand Marco Abaton attends to present his creative vision and provide the inspiration for this unique line.

Fior di Chinotto

Fior di Chinotto Eau de perfume Fior di chinotto eau de toilette

Chinotto Dark

Chinotto Dark Chinotto body

You will discover

Chinotto fragrances collection: Chinotto Dark, Chinotto Gourmand, and Fior di Chinotto. You will also enjoy Chinotto infused specialty foods such as liqueurs, cookies, and the very well-known cult favorite soda.
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chinotto food

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