Eau de Parfum Tasman Santal by Premiere Note


100 ML SPRAY 3.4 Fl.oz

Tasman Santal Eau de Parfum by Premiere Note

An enveloping accord around a spicy, warm and intense sandalwood inspired by the Australian savannah. In the farthest reaches of Australia, sandalwood forests soft, creamy and milky tones create fascination.



Tasman Santal niche fragrance

Tasman Santal fragrance by Premiere Note is a woody spicy perfume for women and men. The note has a warm, velvety, even slightly animal aroma which is simply bewitching.

The nose behind the fragrance is Jerome Di Marino.

The aromas of sandalwood are not milky or creamy, but dry and woody, supported by a tart pepper and incense veil. The fragrance has the mysterious charm and meditative spirit.

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