13ème Note Femme Eau de Parfum Limited Edition


100ML 3.4 . Fl. Oz LIMITED EDIT

Eau de Parfum 13ème Note Femme Limited Edition

Characterized by an intoxicating softness and femininity, la 13ème Note Femme is a unique, sensual, and delicious gourmand perfume that dresses a woman in an irrepressible desire to indulge.

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Luxury Box 13ème Note Femme niche fragrance

There is a mythology in perfumery, going back to ancient Egyptian times, that says that a perfume has 12 notes, and it is the elusive 13th note that gives the perfume its special magic, or power, or ultimate beauty. It is this 13th note, that can also be found in jazz, that has gives this perfume its name.

Opening with  fruity notes, la 13ème Note Femme by Absolument Parfumeur is an intriguing fragrance. The fruity floral blend is made cozy by a warm embrace of amber. It is also honeyed, and a bit sweet. It is a perfume that is transparent enough that it would make a lovely summer evening scent, soft, delicate, and romantic.

Influenced by a dessert of French Chef René Berges, 13ème Note Femme offers women inspired, dramatic aromas that appeal to all the senses. The fragrance is floral, fruity, sweet and totally addictive.


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