13ème Note Homme Eau de Parfum Limited Edition


100ML 3.4 Fl. Oz.

Eau de Parfum 13ème Note Homme Limited Edition

There is a mythology in perfumery, going back to ancient Egyptian times, that says that a perfume has 12 notes, and it is the elusive 13th note that gives the perfume its special magic, or power, or ultimate beauty. It is this 13th note that gives the perfume its name.

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13ème Note Homme niche fragrance Limited Edition

La 13ème Note Homme Limited Edition by Absolument Parfumeur is a classic masculine fragrance, an alluring blend of spices and woods, including a dash of absinthe’s wormwood and anise, create an aura of elegance. Like its feminine counterpart, the fragrance has plenty of body, but is still translucent enough for any season; it is aromatic, fresh and spicy.


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