Absolument Absinthe Eau de Parfum


100ml 3.4 FL.

Eau de Parfum Absolument Absinthe

In the summer heat of Provence, you will appreciate the incomparable freshness of Absolument Absinthe. Characterized by an unparalleled cool sensation, the Absinthe melded with Hesperides and Cannabis bring depth and an excellent lasting power to the perfume on the skin.

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Absolument Absinthe, the refreshing and aromatic fragrance

Monsieur Pascal Rolland, founder of Liquoriste de Provence, brought absinthe liquor back to the world after a 100-year ban. Forbidden for public consumption, those who wanted to experience the pleasures of Absinthe had to discover it hidden behind speakeasy doors. Absinthe is a spirit infused with myriad herbs and botanical, centering around anise, fennel and wormwood, and Artemisia absinthium from which absinthe take his name.  It contains small amounts of thujone, a compound once thought to affect the mind and bring on madness.

From daily contact with the alluring aromas that Pascal Rolland had, an idea took form, he collaborated with a perfumer and produced the first perfume with absinthe, calling it “Absolument Absinthe”. The alchemy was captivating, the chemistry was undeniable, and Absolument Absinthe by Absolument Parfumeur was an immediate success that has since become a cult-favorite fragrance across the globe.


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