Absolument Absinthe Scented Candle


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Scented Candle Absolument Absinthe

Designed by Absolument Parfumeur and presented in an exquisite glass container with 3 wicks. With an outstanding duration of 60 hours, this beautifully scented candle is a splendid and charming gift which will enhance any room in the home with a perfumed aura. Even before being lit, the subtle, fresh scent will diffuse into the air and scintillate the senses.

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Absolute freshness Absinthe Scented Candle

51 essences enrich and highlight the hesperides base of this candles. Characterized by an unparallelled cool sensation, the absinthe brings personality and an excellent lasting power

It is absinthe, this mythical liquor long prohibited, that inspired this candle. Complex, sophisticated, subtle, this liquor that inspired so many artists, is now available as an eau de parfum, Absolument Absinthe.

Discover the magical ritual of serving and tasting of the Versinthe absinthe: fresh water poured drop by drop dilutes the piece of sugar placed on the perforated spoon placed on top of the glass. The flavors will then be freed and the Versinthe will become cloudy.


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