Absolument Femme Eau de Parfum small size


50ML 1.69 Fl.

Eau de Parfum Absolument Femme small size

Femininity can be expressed in various way, but flowers have always been associated with women. Flowers are delicate and strong in the same time and this served as an inspiration for Absolument Femme, a perfect balance between floral notes and wormwood.



Absolument Femme niche fragrance small size

The composition is characteristic for its wormwood notes which are very accentuated in the combination with flowers and spices in the heart. Base notes provide a calmer, warmer and more sensual trail of sandalwood, woody amber and white musk.

Soft, delicate, mesmerizing, fragile and mysterious… these are words, that define the feminine beauty and spirit of a woman. These qualities were our inspiration and what we have captured for this exquisite homage to femininity : Absolument Femme by Absolument Parfumeur.


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