Acqua di Sardegna Unisex Eau de Parfum


50 ML 1.69 . Fl.Oz

Eau de Parfum Acqua di Sardegna Unisex

As indulgent as relaxed, sun-soaked afternoons in Sardinia, this exuberant Mediterranean fragrance comes to life through shimmering facets of Grapefruit, Petigrain, Mandarin and Lemon.

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Acqua di Sardegna Unisex niche fragrance

Arising from a floor of aromatic Lavender, Rosemary and sprightly Star Anise, the height of summer is illuminated in the intoxicating base of Vetiver, Burnished Amber, Coumarin and Crystal Musk.

Acqua di Sardegna is an intensely fresh line, full of youthful exuberance and energy. These fragrances have born out of a love for Sardinia and its graceful, flowing sea. They call to mind the distinctive aromas and enveloping charms of this island, evoking sweet Summers, delicate hints of countryside flowers and sparkling citrus fruits, and the aromatic wood and smoky leather of traditional settings and treasured objects.

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Acqua di Sardegna


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  • Acqua di Sardegna Unisex

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