Abaton chinotto collection at NYNOW: the fragrant story of Savona

Over 300 years ago, the Chinotto plant was brought to Savona from China by a Savonese sailor. The unique climate created by the proximity of the mountains to the sea made Savona the perfect environment for the Chinotto plant to thrive, and this charming Italian town became its new home. The bitter citrus of the plant came to be highly regarded among navigators, who believed it was an amulet that protected them from diseases and danger on the high seas.

The Chinotto plant’s flowers are abundant and delicately scented, and the leave and fruit peel contain oils often used in fine perfumery and cosmetics. The citrus is quite bitter when freshly picked but can be transformed into delicious candied delicacies and drinks when properly processed.

Marco Abaton, a perfumer from Savona, uses the iconic Chinotto to honor his hometown with the creation of three fragrances.

Abaton Chinotto Collection NYNOW

Chinotto Gourmand is joyful and energizing, the vibrant citrus notes of the ripe chinotto mingled with delicate orange blossom lead into a sweet and enveloping heart of vanilla and caramel for a warm and addictive finish.

Abaton Chinotto Collection NYNOW

Chinotto Dark is a bitter-sweet delight. A fresh citrus opening blended with the crisp leaves of the green chinotto fruit melt into a liqueur infused balsamic heart, while a hint of intoxicating absinthe, aromatic juniper and smoky incense provide a seductive base.

Abaton Chinotto Collection NYNOWAbaton Chinotto Collection NYNOW

Fior di Chinotto is an exclusive and extraordinary essence made with compelling care and craftmanship. The flowers of the Chinotto are slowly collected, and a patient wait for the finest petals of four harvests creates an inimitable fragrance of superlative taste and wisdom: Fior di Chinotto EAU DE PARFUME and Fior di Chinotto EAU DE TOILETTE.

The aroma-therapeutic Organic Chinotto body line was also created to de-stress your skin from the effects of the environment and the pressures of daily life. Only the purest organic essential oils have been selected, both for their active physical results, and for their wonderful aromas with a goal to inspire peaceful moments of contemplation.

Chinotto Organic Body Lotion, Shower Gel and Soap will make your skin look revitalized, clean and beautiful.

Abaton Chinotto Collection NYNOW

As the Savonese sailor brought the Chinotto to Italy, Abaton Exceptional Luxury Brands now shares its creations with the world through its unique Chinotto Collection.


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